Three stores located in the center of Milan and online shopping across Italy, offering a selection of organic foods, fresh fruits and vegetables, health products and ethnic foods, where all tastes and dietary needs can be accommodated!

Our rich assortment of products is the result of a tireless and extensive search that for over thirty years has guided us in selecting quality products. Entering the Superpolo world is an ever-changing experience, as we continue to focus on addressing the needs and demands of our customers, offering products that meet their expectations, from innovative super-foods to the tradition of small artisanal producers with specialties characteristic of the various Italian regions.

We offer fresh and packaged organic foods, demeter certified foods, super0foods, specialized food products for intolerances and celiac disease, foods appropriate for various types of diets, food products suitable to “holistic” diets including macrobiotics, vegan diets or the latest raw diets, and ethnic products from around the world. We have dedicated a specific section to athletes, offering a rich selection of snacks and drinks for those who train regularly and wish to maximize their body’s performance!

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Tel. 0289405749, 026571760, 024986346

Opening Hours: Monday-Saturday 9.00-20.30 Sunday varies by store