Taxes for Expats

Tax Preparation and Advice for Americans Living Abroad

We are tax experts serving Americans all over the world. At TFX we have been preparing taxes for U.S. expats for over 24 years. We created a simple tax return process that makes filing your US taxes a breeze. Clients simply upload relevant documents to our secure server and we take care of the rest.

We offer the same level of service online that you would receive by visiting our office – without having to leave your home. We make customer service our highest priority – and are always ready to answer your questions.
Living abroad presents enough challenges – filing your U.S. taxes shouldn’t be one of them.



Tax Preparation and Advice for Americans Living Abroad

U.S. Expatriate Tax Return Preparation

We have been helping American expatriates reduce or eliminate U.S. tax bills, comply with IRS tax filing requirements and avoid unnecessary tax audits or penalties for over 20 years. We offer all services related to expatriate tax – from advice on tax planning to the practicalities of fighting the IRS to reduce your back taxes.

  • US Federal Tax Return Preparation – Our expert tax preparers have over 20 years experience with expatriate returns. Cost: $350 including all standard schedules and forms (up to 5 brokerage transactions). If your Gross Income is above $100,000 the cost is $450.
  • State Tax Return – We will advise you if you need to file a state return (depends on which state you most recently resided in) and can prepare the return if one is required. Most expats do not require to file a State return and we often find a way to stop filing ‘difficult’ states such as California. Cost: $100 (also all inclusive).
  • Mini Phone Consultation – If you have a specific tax question that you would like to discuss with an experienced Tax Professional, you can use our Mini Consultation service. The cost is $250 for 30 minutes of Ms. Zemelman’s professional advice.


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