New Speakeasy

New Speakeasy is a language school with a long tradition of providing exceptionally high-quality English language instruction here in Milan.

Founded over 25 years ago by Micaela Antognini the school has grown into a highly regarded centre of excellence that is renowned for providing exciting and relevant English language instruction across all ability levels. This ranges from entry level qualifications such as Cambridge Starters through to the internationally recognised university level Cambridge Proficiency examination. Alongside these prestigious certificate courses we also provide a vast range of other opportunities to stretch and develop English language skills for academic, business and fun purposes – from book clubs to IELTS preparation, from singing and movement through to specific and highly specialist business-based courses, all tastes are catered for.

Our experienced and friendly team of professionals pride themselves on being able to provide a learning experience that will nurture a love of learning and, more specifically, a love of the English language in all its forms. From Shakespeare to Bennett, from phrasal verbs to idiomatic expressions, from The Beatles to Drake we have a course that will excite and inspire you to listen, understand and have fun learning English.

For more information visit:

Via Gabriele Rossetti, 9
20145 Milano (MI)
Tel. 02 94435203
Cell. 366 435 6024

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