Rules of Conduct

Rules of Conduct

The EasyCircle community is intended to be a place to share information, learn about local clubs and associations of interest to English-speakers and mingle with fellow expats that are living, or will soon be living in Italy. This community should be protected from misuse so it may continue to provide a safe and friendly environment where everyone can connect freely.

EasyCircle aims at fostering healthy and honest interactions between all its users.  The online conduct of users should reflect the spirit of collaboration, personal growth and reciprocal support for which EasyCircle was intended.

The staff of EasyCircle reserves itself the right to suspend or permanently ban users at any time if it deems the user may have abused the tools provided to him or her by EasyCircle or if his or her conduct has caused harm to other community members or groups.

We encourage all users to signal any inappropriate conduct carried out in the community so that our staff may evaluate the incidents on a case by case basis and take any necessary measures it deems appropriate to prevent or contain this phenomenon.

Commercial limitations: The sustainability of EasyCircle relies on the support of selected commercial partners who provide the funds necessary to maintain, administer and develop the EasyCircle project and offer numerous free features to users. For this reason we request all users from refraining from advertising products, brands or companies throughout the community. Content containing unapproved advertisements may be erased without prior notice and could lead to user suspension.

If you wish to advertise or promote services and products that may be of interest to the members of this community, please contact our staff so we may evaluate your needs and propose adequate ways to communicate your offers.

For any concerns, please contact the EasyCircle Team via our Contact Page.

The above Rules of Conduct may be subject to update and changes at any time.